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March 26, 2023

Mom Report: Washington Park

Local Mom Reporter took her son to Washington Park for the Fourth of July celebration, get the scoop here!

Me and my son decided to check out the activities for the Fourth of July at Washington Park, located in downtown Cincinnati.  We found multiple attractions that everyone can enjoy.  The park has a water sprayer that all ages will love — the cool water was a blast to run through!  Also, the park has a beautifully designed play area that includes swings, slides, and a huge musical bell that will ring your ears!  Food trucks and various tents throughout the park filled our bellies and music of all genres filled the air.  The event ended with an awesome fireworks display that lit up the sky and all our hearts.  My son was asleep toward the end and slept the whole night, so that alone is considered a success!

Angel Bush is one of our Mom Reporters and a single mother of a 1-year-old son.  She loves explore the city’s attractions and reliving her childhood with him!

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