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February 5, 2023

Mom Report: Rabbit Hash General Store

One of my favorite adventures as a child is one that I recreate with my own children now — a country drive with the windows down, and a visit to the Rabbit Hash General Store. I was devastated when the original General Store burnt down in February 2016. But the store has been restored to its former glory. Many people put in countless hours to get the job done. Store proprietor Terrie Markesbery reports that 2,500 folks showed up to celebrate the grand opening on April 1 this year.  


When we walked in the door, the store smelled the same. We still felt embraced with a warm welcome. We moseyed through the store and noticed all of our favorite staples. My boys ran to the counter to get their favorite candy. They even knew exactly where to walk to find their beloved orange sodas that they only are allowed to get on our special Rabbit Hash excursions. Although the popcorn machine moved a few feet from its original location, the popcorn tasted exactly same (delicious!). And yes! “My” candy, caramel covered marshmallows called majeskas, is still in stock.


During our visit, I realized another thing that has stayed the same — the spirit of Rabbit Hash. People of all walks of life are drawn to this place, whether bikers on hogs or families driving minivans. After taking a few photos of the storefront, I started a conversation with the choppers’ drivers, Glenn and Bubby. Who would have thought two bikers and a family of five would hit it off so swimmingly?


If you would like to enjoy some real quality time with your loved ones, or play fetch with the mayor (he is a real dog, after all), take a drive to the Rabbit Hash General Store. You’ll find that time ticks a little slower, and the conversations run a little deeper. 


10021 Lower River Road

Rabbit Hash, KY 41005

(859) 586-7744


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Amanda Ciani

Amanda Ciani lives in Northern Kentucky with her husband and their three terrific sons. She enjoys writing haiku parenting poems for her Instagram account (@cinciciani), and Twitter account (@haikuciani).