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December 4, 2022

Mom Report: Painting With a Twist

My youngest, Jax, and I have been growing extra close this school year. With every Friday off, we get so much extra quality time. It has been amazing watching him learn and grow over the fall and winter … but the extra day with Jax has made me feel a little off balance between my boys. I’ve been missing out on that extra one-on-one time with my oldest, Trevor.

I took Trevor on a date to Painting With A Twist, an adorable art studio that walks you step-by-step through amazing pieces. I’ve been before with my girl friends and absolutely loved it. They had a fun bunny painting available for a Saturday morning class, perfect for Trevor and me. I let him think he was taking me on the date 😉 but really this was my way of giving him some extra one-on-one mommy time!

Trevor is very Type A personality, everything must be planned and perfect. We’ve noticed this since he was around 2. If he would color a picture with me … he would look at them both at the end and get upset about why his wasn’t as “good” as mine. This is something we’ve been working through.

I say things like:

“Your picture is good, it’s actually amazing! Do you know why? Because YOU made it!”

“Mommy has been coloring in coloring books for almost 26 years! I wasn’t always this good … practice makes perfect!”

I didn’t realize how much he has veered away from this “perfect” comparison complex until this class! It was absolutely heartwarming watching him fall in love with his painting through each and every step. I didn’t have to help him fix any “mistakes” he found. He never once compared his painting to anyone else. He loved everything he did, and I did too! “Mr. Independent” was what I called him all class long. He was so in his element and needed none of Mommy’s help.

We had such a great time! This was a great experience for us to bond and enjoy ourselves. Trevor put his listening ears on and followed the directions with ease. The instructor did a great job! She even came around to help teach Trevor a few new painting techniques! We loved all of the music they played during the class. It made for even more fun! Music + painting = magic!

Painting with a Twist is so much fun! It’s one of those things you want to come back to and bring everyone you know. I want to come back with my husband, my mom, my dad, my aunt, my friends, and Jax when he is old enough!

You can take a look at their painting schedule month by month. They do a great job of offering paintings to coordinate with the current holidays, as well as other beautiful pieces. They also offer fun paintings that fit together side by side, a perfect class to take with your spouse!

With two Cincinnati locations, Mason  and The West Side, you can find a class that fits any schedule! Girls night, birthday parties, office parties, team building, retirement, anniversary, graduation, field trips, family/class reunion, holiday/seasonal parties … any occasion calls for this fun art class!

We can’t wait to come back soon!

Painting with a Twist-Mason

6196 Tylersville Rd, Mason, OH 45040



Painting with a Twist-Cincinnati West 

6507 Harrison Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45247



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