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April 18, 2024

Mom Report: Junior Chef Class

“GRANDPA’S WAFFLES!!!” It’s the first thing my kids scream when they hear we are going to Michigan to visit their grandma and grandpa. They know that Grandpa will wake up and make them as many tasty waffles that they can stuff into their mouths. I’ll be honest … he makes the best waffles, even I get excited for them.

A friend recently asked me if I had signed my kids up for the Junior Chef Cooking Classes at Williams-Sonoma. I had no clue they even offered kids cooking classes. So of course, I jumped on my computer immediately to learn more about the classes. The Junior Chef class that was posted was for waffles. It was meant to be! The website recommends the classes for kids ages 8-13, but my 3-year-old has helped in the kitchen many times and she is highly motivated by waffles. So, before I registered her, I did double check to make sure that I could provide support to her if she needed it.

The Junior Chef waffle class was sponsored by American Girl. Even my daughter understands how great American Girl is! The class was $30 which included participation in the class, eating the food she made, an American Girl souvenir (this class was an American Girl Party cookbook), and the grown-ups got 10% off any purchases from Williams-Sonoma the day of the class … a win for Mommy, too!

They started the class by washing their hands and then reviewing all of the ingredients they needed to make their delicious recipe. The classes are limited in size and were split up into two groups, so there was plenty for each kid to do. My daughter was by far the youngest, but all of the sweet older girls helped her out when needed. My daughter dropped in some ingredients, stirred the mixture, used a strawberry huller, and a strawberry slicer. I decided I need both of these tools in my kitchen! Employees at Williams-Sonoma cooked the waffles on a waffle iron, while the girls helped to clean up and prepared to enjoy the tasty treat by setting the table.

Finally … time for waffles! Syrup, blueberries, strawberries, whipped cream, syrup, and chocolate chips. My daughter piled her TWO waffles as high as she could and devoured them both. She didn’t even offer me a bite! Then when she was finished, she dove into her American Girl bag and grabbed her new cookbook to pick out the next thing she wanted to make. I know the next time we go to Michigan she is going to want to help her grandpa make waffles!

The next Junior Chef Class:

American Girl™: Valentine’s Day Crepe Party
Saturday, Feb. 11 at 10 a.m.

Suitable for ages 8–13.

Price: $30 (includes Crepe Pan Set)

Class size is limited – call your local store to register

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