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March 30, 2023

Mom Report: Dirr Nursery

My home is filled with the delightful smell of a freshly cut Christmas tree, and my heart is filled with happiness knowing we chopped down that tree, together, as a family. We spent a morning at Dirr Nursery in Goshen, Ohio scouring rows of trees looking to find “the one”. Dirr Nursery has tons of trees to choose from- Scotch Pine, White Pine, and Canaan Fir which are available as u-cut trees; Norway Spruce, and White Pine are available ball and burlap style. There is a perfect tree for every family! 


When we entered the premises to cut down our tree, we were greeted by a friendly gentleman who provided us with a saw, and a map. He informed us that once we chose our tree, we could drive back to the front area to have it shaken, baled, and secured to our vehicle. We could pick any tree we liked for $52! Yes, you read that right, there is a flat price for *any* tree you want to cut down at Dirr; and that price is only $52. 


Cutting down the tree itself wasn’t as difficult as we had imagined. The whole family took turns sawing the trunk (with supervision and help from the adults, of course), and with one final push, our tree was chopped down. And it smelled divine. We each took turns smelling the base of the tree before plopping it on top of my hood.


Driving back to get our tree baled, I wanted to check out an adorable photo shoot setup I saw on our way in- it was decked out with a holiday wreath, sled, and Christmas tree. Behind my map of the grounds was a handout on the mini-sessions being offered by Essenza Studios. Only a $35 sitting fee, and tons of print options, including reasonably priced Christmas cards? Sign me up! Our photo shoot was easy and fun, with a super cute end result! I wasn’t prepared for the shoot with matchy matchy outfits, but honestly, it was so nice to capture ALL of us the day we picked our tree! I love our impromptu family photo, and know it will be displayed in our home every holiday season. If you’re looking to have a professional document your day at Dirr, call Essenza to lock in a time, and avoid lines… call 513.831.5351. Mini-sessions will be available at Dirr on Dec. 2 & 3; and if you can’t make it this weekend, consider checking out Essenza’s studio in Milford, OH for all of your photo needs. Here is a link to their website:


After our mini shoot, it was time to get our tree tied to our van, and make all of our final purchases. We needed to buy a tree stand, but I also eyed the jewelry, and other items for sale. The wreaths were beautiful, and the artisan crafted soaps smelled great, but we settled on some wooden reindeer and a wooden snowman made from tree trunk slices- they look great in our dining room’s winter centerpiece.


Dirr already had my personal seal of approval with their flat pricing for trees, but this budgeting momma was seriously impressed when she saw a sign that said “FREE hot chocolate and cookies”, alongside FREE cups filled with feed for the petting zoo animals. More often than not, you pay admission to get in somewhere, then are nickel and dimed every step of the way. That is not the case at Dirr Nursery. The family hospitality is warming, and their generous spirits are what the holidays are made of. When we fed the petting zoo animals, the sheep were super sweet, and the two goats were rambunctiously playing- they reminded me of two little boys I know! 


Before we left, we had to take the boys photos in the giant red Santa sleigh, and a Christmas tree cutout with spots for 5 folks to poke their heads out. The dudes did their best Santa impersonations, “Ho, ho, ho!”. My boys also enjoyed peeking a look inside the nativity scene, and by the time we got back to our van, we were all ready to sit down, listen to Christmas songs, and relax.


Our first time cutting down a Christmas tree is one I won’t forget! We felt very welcome at the nursery, and loved strolling through the many rows of trees. Our visit to Dirr Nurseries was a fun holiday outing for the whole family, and it didn’t break the bank. Now I need to get wrapping, so I can add some gifts under my beautiful Dirr tree. Happy Holidays from my Cincy Fam to yours!


Check out Dirr’s website here:


And be sure to head to Dirr Nursery this season, they are located at: 


6066 Goshen Road 

Goshen, OH 45122



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