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January 31, 2023

Mom Report: Dart Rush

During a recent clean-up battle with my son, he blurted out an extremely hurtful statement. “All you do is clean. You are boring; Dad is the fun parent.” I don’t think he realized how hard his words hit me, how utterly crushed I felt, mostly because his statement had become true. I stopped dead in my tracks, quit cleaning, and started a tickle fight. I can be fun, I thought. In fact, I AM fun. However, I have been so busy with “life” with my three boys, I let the mundane, everyday chores and tasks take over. To be honest, I had lost a little bit of my “fun.”

When I saw an online article about someone from my town opening up a new business, my eyebrows raised. Dart Rush… an indoor Nerf arena. I could think about how fun I am, or I could actually HAVE fun. Dart Rush sounded like something my son and I would really enjoy together.

After a visit to Dart Rush with my son, I am now the fun parent!  We visited on opening weekend with our friends Erika (Team Mom), and Elliott (Team Kid). After signing our waivers and checking in, Team Mom rented some super impressive blasters, and we all got suited up in vests and protective glasses. (I have to add a boring Mom note here, I was grateful to see the workers very attentively using Lysol spray on everything. The goal was fun, not the flu after all!)

Upon entering the arena, we were called to the center and had the rules explained to us. The orange and green teams would play a game (like King of the Hill, Last Man Standing, or Capture the Flag) three times, and then move onto the next game. I appreciated playing the games more than once, because it allowed the teams to strategize, and learn from mistakes. I also was happy to learn of “jail breaks!” When a player was hit with a dart or ball, they entered  the “jail.” They watched  the game, and when the DJ announced “jail break,” they resumed play. I enjoyed the jail breaks because it allowed people the satisfaction of getting someone “out,” but the person who got hit wouldn’t have to feel frustrated, and left out the entire game.

Overall, we had a great time! Team Kid wanted to keep playing, and while Team Mom had an absolute blast, they also felt exhausted, and sweaty. We will be back to Dart Rush for sure in the very near future, and we plan on bringing the Dads so we can play boys versus girls. I am going to make it a priority in my life to plan more fun! Balance is important, and I don’t want my kids to solely remember Mom from their childhood doing laundry and swiffering! My kids are growing quicker than the dirty pile of clothes in the basement — the laundry can wait. Have you made time for fun lately? If not, plan a visit to Dart Rush with your family, and have a blast! 

What do you need to know? 

Dart Rush is new to the Newport on the Levee, having opened its doors Friday, January 26. Dart Rush offers a structured, safe environment for your family (friends, coworkers, everyone!) to let off some steam by playing blaster games. 

Sessions are $12 per player for 1 hour, and $22 per player for 2 hours. You can bring your own nerf blaster, or rent one on site ($2-12 depending on the style of blaster you choose). Darts and balls are supplied, so don’t worry about bringing your own. 

There is a waiver, that you can fill out online to save time:

Birthday parties are available at Dart Rush, sign up your friends online or call to register and the birthday child plays for free! If you would like to rent their party room, it is $100 per hour and includes a table, chairs, and use of a refrigerator. 


Dart Rush is located at Newport on the Levee (under Dewey’s)

1 Levee Way #2109

Newport, Kentucky 41071

(859) 203-5370


About the Author

Amanda Ciani

Amanda Ciani lives in Northern Kentucky with her husband and their three terrific sons. She enjoys writing haiku parenting poems for her Instagram account (@cinciciani), and Twitter account (@haikuciani).