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December 4, 2023

Preschool kids at the Krohn; Photo by Amanda Hayward

Mom Report: Cincinnati Park’s Preschool Series

The fall preschool series, Adventures Under Glass at the Krohn Conservatory, consists of three parts to fit their natural theme, “Colors in Nature,” every Monday: September 10, 17 and 24. The themes are, A Green World Around Me, Brown All Around and Glorious Red. All of the little ones, 3-and-a-half – 5 years, could wear the appropriate color for that day to fit the theme. We arrived on Brown All Around me day.

Our Arrival

We showed up at the empty Krohn Conservatory at 10 a.m. (Krohn is closed on Monday’s, so that was the perfect time to hold a preschool camp). The little tots began the day with a “walk through the forest” after we were given our brown paper bag. The tiny tots were off to explore and see if they could find two brown paper bunnies to put in their bags. To keep it fair, the naturalist staff made sure everyone found two. Krohn is extra beautiful and peaceful when it’s quiet and there is no crowd, so having the opportunity to explore the tropical plants on this day was fantastic. Crafts were next on the agenda.

Crafting Time

After the preschoolers collected their bunnies and took a potty break, the naturalists brought us into the preschool room for some crafting. What was the craft? Well, a brown paper bag bunny of course. We made our brown bag useful by gluing on some eyes, a nose, bushy tail, arms and legs. The staff proceeded to lead the children in song as we all stood up and waved our paper bunnies around. Next up, game time. 

                                                Engaging Games

This part of the day got the tots up and moving around. They were even let free in an open room to run off some steam before the game began. The game was meant to keep their minds and little bodies active as they pretended to be an animal in search of a “mark” on a “tree,” or a piece of tape on one of the children. Once they spotted the tape and pointed it out, they had to run and grab a handkerchief and get back to their home. The trick? There wasn’t enough handkerchiefs for all of them, so the one who didn’t grab one got to be a tree! Whew, that was an adventure – it was time for some cooling down.


Our favorite part of the day was sitting on the green carpet in their preschool room and learning about the three-legged Box Turtle, Tripod. He lost his third leg and was still able to get around just fine. Learning about him and petting him was very exciting for the little ones. Did you know that female Box Turtles have brownish eyes, and males have reddish? Tripod is a male. Who said adults couldn’t learn a thing or two at these school programs?

We ended the day with a book, brown-themed of course, and the children did a group puzzle activity as they waited for their caregivers to pick them up.

Upcoming Preschool Programs

Cincinnati Parks offers many preschool programs and camps throughout the year. This particular program is great for preschoolers who are wanting to keep up with their big brother or sister and experience school just like them! The series is $35 per little camper.

Here are more Cincinnati Park preschool camps and programs to look forward to in 2019 (signups are not available yet. Check back on their website for online registration openings at

Adventures Under Glass: Day Camp for Preschoolers
Cincinnati Parks’ Krohn Conservatory (1501 Eden Park Drive Cincinnati, OH 45202)
Three Monday Series: January 28, 2019, February 4 & 11 from 10 a.m. – 12 p.m.
Krohn is a warm place for young kids to play and learn in winter. Your child will enjoy crafts, stories, games and explore an oasis of beautiful plants.
Fee $40 per child, for ages 3 to 5. Must be toilet trained.
For more information and availability, e-mail or call (513) 231-8678.

Adventures Under Glass: 2019 Fall Preschool Camp at Krohn
Three Monday series: September 9, 16 & 23, 12:30 – 2:30 p.m., Krohn Conservatory
Young campers ages 3-and-a-half – 5 years old and Cincinnati Park staff explore a new theme each Monday without crowds. Scavenger hunts, songs, make and take crafts or projects, games and much more keep the preschoolers engaged and active in this two-hour camp. Drop off your child dressed for the weather. For more information, call 513-861-3435.

Preschool Discovery Mornings in the Parks Summer 2019 Schedule
Preschool Explorers age 3-and-a-half – 5 years old who have not attended/finished kindergarten explore their neighborhood park through games, hikes, crafts and activities from 9:45 – 11:45 a.m.. Children attending this camp do NOT need to bring a lunch. Program repeats and is the same each week. Schedule your child for ONE session only so there will be room for new children come summer 2019.

June 10 – 14: Stanbery Park (2221 Oxford Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45230)
June 17 – 21: French Park I (3012 Section Road, Cincinnati, OH 45237)
June 24 – 28: Ault I (5090 Observatory Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45208)
July 1 – 3 & 5: French II
July 8 – 12: Ault II
July 15 – 19: French III
July 22 – 26: Ault III
Jul 29 – Aug 3: Mt. Airy Oak Ridge Lodge (1400 Oak Ridge Road, Cincinnati, OH 45223)

For more information, call 513-761-4313.

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