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December 4, 2022

Mom Report: Blooms & Berries Farm Market

Some of my fondest memories growing up are trips to the local pumpkin patch with my family. I want to give my children the same amazing memories of my favorite time of year. Fall on the Farm at Blooms and Berries started on September, 24 and will be running until October 31. We took our kids for the first time last year and realized it is a MUST DO annual activity for adults and kids of all ages. Good luck keeping up with your kiddos, as soon as mine got their wristbands they were OFF! They bounced from area to area as there are so many hands-on activities to choose from!


We started with the hayride to the pumpkin patch to let our kiddos each pick out a pumpkin. It was a fun ride through the woods where there were pictures that the kids could use to play “I Spy!” My favorite one was the skunk! It had us all laughing. When we made it to the pumpkin patch, it was fun watching them zigzag through the field to find their “just right” pumpkin. While they were on the hunt for the perfect pumpkins we talked about the different words we can use to describe pumpkins such as tall, short, round, square, smooth, bumpy, small, big, and even some words in Spanish. (I love slipping in language and vocabulary “lessons” into everyday fun!) In hind sight though, we probably should have picked out our pumpkins right before we left so we didn’t have to carry them around the entire rest of the time we were there, but I will make sure to remember that for next year!

My kids never stopped moving. Have I mentioned there are so many activities to choose from? My son and I giggled and giggled as we tried to lasso with hula hoops … we definitely need more practice! My daughter laughed hysterically as my husband beat my son and I in tug-of-war with one hand while holding my daughters caramel apple in the other. Two against one using one arm and he still beat us … which is what my daughter found so funny. Last year my kids enjoyed the Scrambled Egg Race. They enjoyed it just as much this year too. Brother and Sister Bear worked together collecting eggs and racing them to see which path was the fastest. They determined that one path was faster than the others, but I won’t ruin the surprise! You’ll have to have to take your kids and let them figure it out. Last year they also really enjoyed the duck races. They tried so hard to beat each other. This year my heart was happy to see them work together to pump water as fast as they could to get their duck to the finish line first. They won! Hooray for team work!


Blooms and Berries has so many different activities to choose from: a straw maze, corn sensory bin, tug of war, storyboard walk (through the currently amazingly beautiful sunflowers!), corn mazes (we enjoy the interactive activities in the maze), giant rope web, egg races, cow ride, slides, tire swings, small pumpkin area, goats, donkeys, and last but not least a store with themed books and tasty treats. Make sure to grab a caramel apple (or two or three) and some apple cider so you can enjoy Fall on the Farm at home too!


We had another FANTASTIC trip to Blooms & Berries. There are so many great learning opportunities embedded into the fun hands-on activities. We highly recommend checking out Fall on the Farm!


Fall on the Farm runs through Oct. 31

Open Mon-Sat 10-7 and Sunday 10-6

Hayrides: Sat and Sun all day and Mon-Fri 12-6:20 pm

They also offer a story time and toddler Tuesdays. Check out the website for more information.



About the Author

Tina Pratt

Tina Pratt is the mom of two littles. She is a former PreK- 5 special education teacher that now works as a behavior coach. She enjoys being a tourist in her own town and finding ways to embed lessons into everyday fun!