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February 3, 2023

Mom Report: A Crystal Holiday

Carefully constructed and tediously built using natural materials, the Krohn Conservatory’s “A Crystal Holiday” annual show was a unique experience. Amanda Ciani, myself (Amanda Hayward) and our kiddos were thrilled to experience a sneak peek at the show before it opened over the weekend.

If you haven’t been to the Krohn Conservatory, it’s a beautiful sight in itself with waterfalls and exotic plants throughout. The kids love gazing at the falls, hiding inside the “cave” and spotting the fish in the little pond. Add some trains and shiny crystals to the picture and you really have quite a show.

We walked past the workers as they worked vigorously on the live nativity scene outside the Krohn. As we walked inside and turned the corner, there we spotted a gorgeous chandelier greeting us. Walk a little further and their were the natural wooden bridges created by a local company called Applied Imagination, that designs and puts together shows such as this. New this year, they created buildings from the national parks in celebration of the park’s 100th anniversary. We spotted Mount Rushmore and the lodge at Yellowstone Park quickly! I thought, “This had to have taken at least a month to put together!” More like a couple weeks! Look closely in between the colorful holiday florals throughout the rest of the Krohn and you just might see The Statue of Liberty and more national park monuments and train displays.

The trains chugged along the wooden bridge and through Cincinnati’s iconic buildings. I must say, the P&G Towers, the Great American Tower and the Inclines were on-point! We loved watching our little one’s eyes pop as they saw Thomas the Train zip by the Cincinnati Museum Center.

The Krohn Conservatory’s Holiday Show is a beautiful site for everyone. Every kid loves a good train, and adults will love seeing Cincinnati in a new light. The show is traditional each year but always adds a special touch of new.

The show runs through January 6. $7 for adults, $4 ages 5-17 and free for ages 5 and younger. For more details, visit



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