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June 22, 2024

Mini Valentine Shag Coasters

Here’s a fun craft for kids that will take some time to make, but the ending result is awesome! These mini shag coasters can be made in practically any shape! This craft is easy for anyone 7 or older.

What You’ll Need
Old T-shirts
Circle grippers

What You’ll Do

  1. Get some circle grippers from Dollar Tree. We found a pack of 4! Or, if you have the gripper liner that you can use in your kitchen drawers, you can use that. Take the circle one and fold it in half and cut a heart out of it with your scissors.
  2. You will have a heart and you can just toss out the scrap pieces seen in the picture.
  3. Take your old T-shirts, we used pink and red for Valentine’s Day, and cut LOTS of little strips that are just a little over 1/4 inch wide by 1.5 inches long. Even the Fiskars safety scissors cut the shirts.
  4. Pick a side to start on. Take a strip and stick it down one hole and up the very next one.
  5. Work your way in a line and alternate colors if you are using more than one color.
  6. When you are done, give it a shake and then push down on it here and there to make sure the grippers are covered.
  7. The picture Step 7 shows what it looks like on the back. Each hole is used. You will see a sort of checkered pattern.
  8. You can use the final shag heart as a coaster or decorative table piece.


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