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June 15, 2024

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Meet Milton!

Milton is the new MVP in our house! He has totally changed meal time for my family. Who is Milton? The mealtime companion I wish I would have known about four years ago! He is a silly looking friend to help your little one to learn about healthy and courageous eating, and that’s just the beginning! 

You can also use Milton to help teach your children:

  • Table manners – Remind your child Milton likes to stay at the table for the full meal and doesn’t get up and wander around
  • Tooth brushing – Use Milton’s open mouth and happy smile for your children to practice brushing
  • How to master using utensils – Encourage your child to practice using utensils feeding Milton
  • And so much more! 

Milton comes with a great book to introduce himself to the kids. The photos are stunning and it’s full of tips and tricks for us parents. I had the box shipped to Trevor and Jax and let them open it up. They were very excited to get their own mail! In the story book it says Milton came from the moon, so that’s what I told the kids. 

“Milton came from the moon to help you be courageous at meal time!”

Before we got started with dinner, the boys helped me give Milton a good bath in the sink as I read the “Meet Milton” book out loud. They were so excited to share their dinner with Milton. I told them Milton only needs one bite of each food, so they wouldn’t give their entire plate away. That night Trevor cleared his entire plate! He even let me share my asparagus with him and Milton! This was his first time eating asparagus and he loved it! Dinner is a very fun and smooth experience with Milton around. Plates get cleared, we have great conversation and no one is trying to leave the table. 

Yesterday I picked Trevor up from school with a surprise, The Complete Children’s Cookbook. Trevor was so excited, he hugged the book! He asked me to get Milton from the kitchen so he could share the new book with him. I listened carefully while Trevor talked to Milton. 

“Look at all of these new recipes for us to make and eat together!” Trevor said. 

A smile beamed across my face. My little picky eater has become courageous almost over night! He has a new friend who helps make meal time exciting! What more could a mom ask for? 

I used Milton being out as an opportunity to try a new after school snack! I offered Trevor a hard boiled egg … the real test! He pulled off a piece for Milton and then took a huge bite. While he chewed I looked at him with big eyes, patiently waiting for a response! He gave me a huge thumbs up and said he loved it. I’m still in shock, I almost hit the floor! Another easy, healthy snack I can add to the roster. 

I have absolutely loved seeing my child develop into a courageous, wonderful eater! Although my youngest, Jax, is already a very courageous eater, he struggles with tooth brushing. He is now loving brushing Milton’s teeth while I brush his. 

Milton gets five stars from our family, including the dogs … they get Milton’s scraps! 

Find out even more about Milton at They also have a really cute Instagram account full of fun Milton photos: @mealswithmilton 


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