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June 17, 2024

Mark It With Ribbon Bookmarks

You can easily create personalized ribbon bookmarks for you or to give as gifts.

Ribbon bookmarks are a fun way to keep your place in your favorite reading book. These colorful bookmarks are different and add a special touch.

What You Need
Ribbon (varying colors and sizes)
Wooden disc
Hair band

What You Do

  1. Cut a long strip of ribbon that will go around the length of the book.
  2. Run one end of it through the hair band, loop it and hot glue it in place.
  3. Take several strips of the same length of different colors of ribbon and hot glue them in the center of the wooden disc as loops.
  4. Then, hot glue the other end of your long piece of ribbon to the back of the ribbons that are glued to the wooden disc, leaving the front of the disc open.

An optional idea for these fun ribbon bookmarks is that you can personalize the center of the wooden disc with an initial, photo, etc. Once it’s all done, you loop it around the length of the book. To keep it in place, simply loop the hair band around the ribbons and disc (as seen in the image above).

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