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March 26, 2023

Making a Maraca

It’s easier than you think! You’ll be making music at home with your children before you know it.

What You’ll Need
Plastic Easter eggs
Craft sticks
Patterned duct tape
Knife (for parents to use!)
Dried beans

What You’ll Do

  1. Open a plastic egg and detach the two sides.
  2. With knife, cut a slot in the bottom of the smallest side of the egg.
  3. Insert craft stick into the slot.
  4. Add some dried beans to the side of the egg that has the craft stick inserted.
  5. Fill that side of the egg to the rim with beans.
  6. Attach the other half of the egg.
  7. Start covering the egg part of the maraca with your fancy duct tape first. Be sure to go just slightly over the craft stick, too, as this helps hold it in place.
  8. Take a different colored tape and cover the craft stick.
  9. Now you’re ready to shake it all about!




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