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May 19, 2024

Love Suckers!

What You’ll Need

•  Suckers
•  Red Felt
•  Hot Glue
•  Scissors
•  Ribbon
•  Foam Stickers


What You’ll Do

1. Grab a piece of felt and set a sucker down on it.

2. Take another piece of felt and lay it down over the top.

3. Feel for the edges of the sucker and then draw a heart around it big enough to enclose the sucker inside, but leaving enough room so it can still come out.

4. After you’ve drawn the heart, turn the pointed end of the heart into a skirt-like shape.

5. Remove the sucker and cut the heart out of both pieces of felt. Be sure that you’re cutting the heart to make a skirt at the bottom and not a point, this helps when tying it closed around the sucker’s stick.

6. Your template lets you trace and cut as many hearts as you need.

7. Take a heart and cut a quarter-inch vertical line right at the bend where the heart turns into a skirt. Go in just a little bit from the edge. Do the same to the other side, too, to create the holes where the ribbon comes through. Repeat this step to a second heart.

8. With the hot glue, parents, put a little line around the entire edge of the heart, stopping just before you get to where the heart turns into a skirt. Quickly place a second heart on it and press together.

9. Slide a sucker in.

10. Cut a piece of ribbon and tie it through the holes.

11. Decorate with foam stickers.




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