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June 23, 2024

Local Parents Tell Us How to Save on Diapers

There’s no denying it, the cost of diapers can really strain a household budget.  Fortunately, we found some local parents willing to share their secrets on how to get cheap, even FREE, diapers!


Monthly Subscriptions

“I save money in diapers and wipes by using Amazon Prime Moms Club. It’s a great service that saves me a ton of time and money on the necessities for Leo. I have my account set up so that the 27th of each month a huge box is delivered to my front door. In the box is a month’s worth of diapers, wipes, and formula. The beautiful thing about this service is the more you subscribe to have delivered each month the bigger discount they give you. Right now, on diapers, wipes, and formula, I save 20% off. I get these items a lot cheaper than I could by shopping at my local grocery store. I also get free shipping on these items, this frees up a lot of time that I don’t have to run to the store in need for diapers and wipes. I used this method with my daughter Sophie and I didn’t think twice about using it with Leo. It’s great, I’m always stocked up and I never have to worry about running out. I would highly recommend this to any mom who’s looking to save a buck and a ton of time!” — Abby Hatton, mommy of two


“We order ours online. It’s like a monthly subscription but for diapers. Like anything else, when you buy in bulk or buy ahead of time you can save a bit of money. We go through the Honest Company website since it is the only diaper Korbin doesn’t react to.” — Mandy Koziol, mommy of two


Consignment Stores

“If you keep your eyes out, Once Upon a Child sometimes has unopened packs of diapers and they resell for way cheaper than the store cost.” — Felicia Combs, mommy of one


P&G Studies

“Diaper studies through P&G are awesome — they pay you to keep a log of how the diapers do and they ask you to keep the wet ones. Not sure about other companies.” — Elijah Stratton, daddy of one


Buy in Bulk

“I bought my Pampers at Sam’s, as well as my wipes. I got more diapers for my money rather than buying at Kroger where the box was smaller and the price was the same. Also, using the reusable packages to refill the wipes instead of buying individual packs saves money. When you buy wipes at Sam’s, you get a box and a reusable pouch.” — Casey Johnson, mommy of two


Diaper Party

“Lots of couples have diaper parties. Emily still has diapers from her party and Jay is 7 months old.” — Christina Little, mommy of two and grandma of one



“Kroger has a sale two times per year on diapers that is amazing when paired with coupons. Check out to see the deals and coupons that work with it. I normally get diapers ½-¾ off.” — Andrea Burd, mommy of three


Cloth Diapers

“Cloth diapers, they last a few years easily. Then you can buy the brands that have sizing buttons so they can grow with them.” — Kristin Hacker, mommy of one and #2 on the way!


DIY Wipes

“Make your own wipes! Viva Towels (cut to fit the container), mix baby soap and water (ex. 3 oz water to 1 oz of soap).” — Robin Klems, mommy of four



“Sometimes I stock up when Target does their gift card deal when you buy diapers and wipes.” — Brandi Calton, mommy of two





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