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March 25, 2023

little speaker … BIG SOUND!

Looking for a stocking stuffer? Maybe it’s for the one on your list that loves to share music with others from their phone (or bluetooth ready device). If so, then this little speaker with a big sound is just the thing!

Divoom, a leading provider of innovative audio products with superior aesthetic design and audio performance, recently unveiled the new Bluetune-Bean wireless speaker. Believe it or not, this little thing puts off such rich and crisp sound, you’d have to hear to believe!

It’s small enough to fit into a purse, pocket or even clip it to your bag. Setup’s easy and it syncs right to your phone or device with bluetooth, but it can only sync to one item at a time. So,  you can have your phone in your pocket, speaker in the living room and clean house, play with the kids or hang out and still provide music for everyone. Another great feature is that you can also answer your phone from this device! Just in case you’ve put your phone out of harms way (in the house) and you’re outside or in another part of the house. Just hit the call button on the side to answer. You can recharge the batter via the USB cable, too.

The Bluetune-Bean is now available at in blue, yellow, pink, red, white or black for $29.90.


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