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June 25, 2024

Let’s Go Fly …

Grab the kiddos, head outdoors and try one of these great toys made for catching air.

Spirit of Wind Boomerang
Channel Craft Toys
Ages 9 and older
Available at for $9.95
This is the perfect boomerang for kids to start with. It is handcrafted out of birchwood (and made in the U.S.A.!) and flies an average of 25 yards – great for backyard fun.  With the correct throwing technique, the boomerang will hover and return.

Ultra Stomp Rocket
D + L Company
Ages 6 and older
Available at for $12.66
Stomp rockets have won plenty of awards and this one won’t let you down.  Containing four rockets, all you do is connect the stomper to the rocket base and attach a rocket.  Next, stomp with all your might on the stomper and the rocket sails into the air – up to 200 feet!

Tim Bird
Schylling Toys
Ages 7 and older
Available at for $11.99
This classic toy never loses its appeal. Powered by a wind-up rubber band motor, simply turn the crank below the bird’s tail, hold in the palm of your hand, trip the toggle switch and give Tim Bird a lift off … then watch him fly up to 100 feet by flapping his wings.

Easy Flyer T-Rex Kite
Premier Kites
Ages 5 and older
Available at for $26.95
All you have to do to enjoy this kite is insert the cross strut, attach the line and catch the wind! So easy, even the littlest hands can do it. The design of the kite also helps to catch the breeze a lot faster than your average kite.

End Kite Frustrations!
Sometimes kids don’t want to fly a kite because it’s “too hard.”  Tangling string, not being able to get it in the air,etc.  There’s a solution, though.  Check out the Easy Flyer Kites from Premier Kites.  These kites are designed specifically for ease-of-use and are available at

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