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February 5, 2023

Kid Report: Sunday Funday

As a family we try to do something fun each Sunday for Sunday Funday! This past Sunday we headed down to OTR. Check out what the little man had to say:

For my birthday, my parents threw my party at 16-Bit*. I was excited when they told me we were going to go back and play. When I walked in I was planning to go to the Simpsons game, I looked all over the arcade and I couldn’t find it. I told my mom I couldn’t find it, so she asked the owner and the owner said, the Simpsons was next door getting worked on. I was a bit disappointed, but there are a lot of other games to play.

Me and my whole family played X-Men. I was Wolverine. We had to defeat bad guys by using skills and mutant skills. We did good. I also played Avengers with my dad. I was Iron Man and my dad was Captain America. We worked together and defeated Red Skull. It was fun teaming up with my dad.

They didn’t have food at 16-Bit, but they have really good lemonade and kiddie cocktails. They also let my dad walk down the street to get the biggest pizza ever and it is really yummy too!**

After a while, my mom said we had to go for a walk. I didn’t know where we were going to go, but she took us to the s’more bar***. It was awesome that my mom let us go to the s’more bar. First you decide what kind of marshmallow you want. We could choose key lime or regular. Then the owner used like a flame thing to heat up the marshmallow. Then she put it on the graham cracker. Then she asked us what we wanted on it. I picked a Samoa cookie, smashed Oreo’s and white chocolate drizzle. The owner handed me a spoon and the tray of s’more and I dug right in. I loved it! It tasted so warm and felt like it melted in my mouth. I felt like I was in heaven. I want to go back.

I felt really really really happy when my mom told me that they are letting kids play every Sunday in the summer at 16-Bit. My dad is going to take me again soon and I can’t wait!

*16-Bit is typically a 21 and up facility, except for one Sunday a month (typically the third Sunday), however, they are opening their doors to the 21 and under crowd EVERY Sunday from now until Labor Day from 12 – 5 p.m. Check out the website for more information:

**The “Biggest pizza ever that is really yummy too!” was from Goodfella’s in OTR:

***S’more Bar in OTR – Quaintrelle:




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Tina Pratt

Tina Pratt is the mom of two littles. She is a former PreK- 5 special education teacher that now works as a behavior coach. She enjoys being a tourist in her own town and finding ways to embed lessons into everyday fun!