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June 24, 2024

It’s Freakin’ Cool!

Liberty Bottleworks has come up with a fun, cool way to personalize your water bottle … or any drinking container for that matter. It’s called a Freaker! Yep, it’s a funny name. These fun bottle covers are like leg warmers and they come in many unique designs. They feel much like a stretchy sweater and slide right over your bottle to help keep it warm or cool for just a little bit longer.

The main thing that I liked about it is that because the metal bottles transfer heat and cold right through the sides, the Freaker helps keep your hands protected. Not only that, but it keeps the condensation from getting all over the place … like that important note you just set your bottle down on!

Liberty Freaker: $10 each

But, the aluminum bottles are cool, too! They are coated on the inside unlike other metal bottles. You can pick from a variety of styles, too, or create one of your label and upload it to their site to see it come to life on your own bottle. Prices vary.

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