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March 30, 2023

It’s a Sticker Maker!

The Xyron Creative Station makes stickers, magnets and more without use of batteries or electricity! The sticker maker will be a hit with any creative kid.

I’m always looking for ways to allow my children to craft with me when at all possible. I could be working on something very important and that really doesn’t need to be messed up, but I seem to find a way to include my children on the project. So, you can imagine my delight when I came across the Xyron Sticker Maker that makes nearly anything flat into a sticker without heat, batteries OR electricity!

Xyron XFor my daughter, I let her use the small Xyron’s iconic sticker maker — the 1.5″ create-a-sticker — first. This “X” allows you to make very little things sticky! It applies permanent and repositionable adhesive to items up to 1.5″ wide. It’s great for add adhesive to ribbon and so much more! We use ribbon on so many things, so this REALLY excited us! It includes a 1.5″ wide x 20′ long, Acid-Free Permanent Adhesive cartridge. It’s only $9.99, too.

Once we were adjusted to how this thing really worked, we started to use a bigger sticker maker — the Xyron 510 or 5″ Creative Station. The Xyron Creative Station is a Sticker Maker, Laminator, Label and Magnet Maker all in one. Simply feed the item in, turn the handle and trim. Applies an even layer of adhesive to items up to 5″ wide. We were only using it for the sticker making purpose. It’s surprisingly so easy to use that you’ll be questioning whether you’re doing it right! You can turn photos, cutouts and more into stickers! Just for kicks, I ran my business card through it! When I finally handed it over to my 7-year-old, she was practically jumping up and down. She couldn’t believe that there were no batteries or plugs to it, too. She knows that nearly everything I do has something that she can’t touch, so this made her feel special and all grown up. I gave her some old photos and her safety scissors and said, “Have at it!” She quickly set to working on her own little creative project. She returns with something much more! She had drawn several images on some cardstock, cut them out, colored them and then used them all in a collage with the photos that I had given her. I was so proud to see her finished product and she was itching to make more!Xyron Creative Station

Since this Creative Station (which only costs $34.99) can easily be turned into something that creates stickers, magnets, labels and laminate out of almost any item by easily changing out the cartridge, we’re excited to take our crafting to a new level.

We found several of the Xyron products at our local Hobby Lobby, so I’m pretty sure their available at most other craft stores, too.

Xyron Design Team also has a cute Paper Plate Jellyfish project that you can do with the bigger Xyron sticker maker. The video is below and is VERY easy to follow.

For more information about Xyron products, visit their website —

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