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July 13, 2024

Innovative Way to Regain Energy

Halsa Wellness Mat

The new Hälsa Wellness Mat is an unique way to regain the energy you have spent shopping for Christmas, preparing for the holidays … or just dealing with family.

Similar to that of a bed of nails – without actually using nails – the Hälsa Wellness Mat has circular discs attached to a cushy mat. Each circle has tiny spikes, that of which combined gives you 8,820 spikes. These spikes hit your body’s acupressure points while you are lying on your back, belly or sitting on the mat.

The mat’s booklet instructs you how to use the mat and gives you insight into how it actually works – as the spikes hit those pressure points, your body releases it’s own natural pain relief hormones.

I must admit, I was a bit skeptical about the idea – but I gave it a try anyway.

I spread it out on the floor at the office, took my spot and waited for something to happen. You are only to lay on the mat for 10 minutes the first time you use it. Fully clothed, I didn’t feel anything. You can’t actually feel the spikes. BUT, when I got up and went back to work at my desk, I started to feel a tingly-like sensation where the spikes were. So unusual.

It does state, however, that you get better results with use on bare skin and may find it uncomfortable at first.

To get the full experience, you do need to keep using the mat and follow the directions.

All you do is find a nice, quiet area of the house, shut the door, unfold the mat and lay down. It is truly a unique way to relieve some back pain or just to get your body back to being comfortable.

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 Hälsa Wellness Mat
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Hälsa Wellness

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