I Already ATE!

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This is what my almost 3-year-old screamed at me just the other day!

What’s going on you ask? Well, in an attempt to get him to eat something besides his usual fancy (plastic, wood, metal, rubber … anything he can get his hands on that is NOT FOOD), I didn’t give him anything to drink with his dinner. He didn’t ask for it right away, either. So, I thought it was going to go good. Boy, was I wrong! LOL!

He turns to me and asks — just after taking only a couple of bites of his food — if he can have something to drink. I politely tell him that no he may not until he eats his dinner. He looks back at his plate and SHOVES a spoonful of food into his mouth with the most annoyed look on his face. He eats it and asks again. I … again … politely tell him he must eat his dinner.

He looks at me like I did something so terrible. In his deepest, meanest sounding voice, he says, “I just DID!”

So, I ask him to take just one more bite and then I will get him something to drink.

His reply? Oh, it’s too funny. I couldn’t even believe he thought of it.

Again … in his deepest, meanest voice. Yeah, it’s funny to hear him change his voice. So, I am really trying not to laugh. He simply tells me a fact:

“I already ate! I ate this morning!”

Hahahhahahahahhahahha! That is too funny. But, that didn’t not get him what he wanted. I had already asked him to just take one more bite and I would fetch his pail of water!

He did take that next bite, and got his drink. However, that was the end of dinner.

Who would have thought feeding a child would be so difficult. It was his favorite foods, too!

Kiera Ashford is the Managing Editor of Cincinnati Family Magazine, and a mother of two.

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