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March 30, 2023

Horseback Riding in Great Parks

Does your kid love horses and wants to explore horseback riding?  Time to sign up for fall horseback riding lessons at Winton Woods Riding Center!

 Skilled instructors are qualified to teach an extremely wide variety of disciplines, starting with beginner English and Western and scaling up to western horsemanship, contesting, jumping and dressage for more accomplished riders. A recently renovated arena surface will create an even better experience for returning riders this year.

Lessons are open to the public, but riders must be at least seven years old and 48 inches tall. Group lessons are comprised of 11 weeks of horseback riding from August 31 through November 15. Classes are open to adults and children ages 7 and up.The cost per student ranges from $270–330. Learn more or register by calling 513-931-3057 or online at

The Winton Woods Riding Center is located in Winton Woods at 10073 Daly Road, Cincinnati Ohio 45231. A valid Great Parks of Hamilton County Motor Vehicle Permit ($10 annual; $3 daily) is required to enter the parks.

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