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February 3, 2023

Homework Door Sign

Get the kids back into the school homework groove with this fun craft.

It’s going to be homework central at your place soon enough and kids’ll need quiet! Let them make a sign to hang or stick on their door to let you know they’re working on their homework.

What You Need

Red and yellow construction paper
Sticker letters
Foil tape
Clear packing tape

What You Do

  1. Take a yellow sheet of construction paper and draw out a big pencil shape. There’s no need for a point as you’re just referencing a pencil and not being exact.
  2. Cut out an eraser shape out of the red construction paper that is the same width of the yellow shape you cut.
  3. With a piece of the foil tape, tape the two pieces together.
  4. Apply the sticker letters to the yellow section in whatever spot you want them.
  5. Once all the letters are in place, you can take two strips of the clear packing tape and lie them over the length of the pencil sign.
  6. Flip it over and put more pieces of the clear packing tape on the back. This acts as a lamination.
  7. Cut off the excess of the clear packing tape. Now it’s ready to stick to the door. You can do this with more tape, or you can attach a ribbon and hang it from the doorknob.



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