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February 3, 2023

Holiday Craft with Your Handprint

This craft for kids to do will have them giggling as they trace their hands and create their own work of art with their hands!


What You Need
Construction paper (all colors)

What You Do

  1. With the green construction paper, have your child trace his hand six times and cut them out.
  2. Take another piece of construction paper (color of your choice) and glue a row of 3 of your hand prints along the bottom with the fingers facing down.
  3. Next, glue 2 hand prints on the next layer about 2 – 3 inches above it (centered).
  4. Next, glue 1 hand print on the next layer about 2 – 3 inches above it (centered).
  5. Cut out a yellow star for the top and glue it on or paint one on.
  6. Cut out lots of different color and sizes of circles for christmas ornaments and glue them on. Or take your paints/markers and decorate as you wish.
  7. Set aside to dry.

About the Author

Kiera Ashford

Kiera Ashford is the Managing Editor of Cincinnati Family Magazine, and a mother of two.