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June 17, 2024

Help for Potty Trainees

Your toddler is potty training. You have the standard booster that he scoots around the bathroom from toilet to sink and back. Sometimes, that booster is not in the right place for him to reach the potty.

That’s where Looster Booster comes in. It’s an over-sized booster that practically wraps around your bathroom toilet. That way, he can step up from any side and reach the potty with ease. Sure, other boosters work fine, but this one is there for you no matter which side you decide to go potty from. Another good note is that since it’s longer than regular boosters, your child’s feet can be spread apart a little further for more stability and not confined to such a small surface. It also features non-slip grippers on the bottom to help keep it in place as well as a raised surface to keep his little feet from slipping.

The only drawback that I noticed is that with this booster in place, it makes it a little more difficult for an adult to use the same potty unless you move it out of the way. Don’t worry, it’s still usable, but you just have to make a more extended reach to sit down.

Looster Booster




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