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November 29, 2022

Heart Stamping for Stickers and More!

Here’s another Valentine’s Day craft for kids that can be used for a variety of things. This is a great craft for little ones who want to get a more perfectly shaped heart, too.

What You’ll Need
Sticker paper
Red and white paint
Heart-shaped cookie cutters
Paint tray

What You’ll Do

  1. Pour out a little red paint onto the tray.
  2. Take a heart-shaped cookie cutter and stick it into the red paint.
  3. Now stamp your sticker paper to get the perfect heart.
  4. Stamp all over the sticker paper.
  5. Add a little white paint to the red paint to make pink. Take either the same cookie cutter or a different sized one, and dip it into the now pink paint.
  6. Stamp it all over the paper, too. Set aside to dry. We also used a date stamp to stamp the Valentine’s Day date on the paper, too.

Once the stickers are dry, you can use them to personalize gifts. If you don’t want to make stickers, you can just use plain wrapping paper and repeat the steps. Then, once it’s dry, you can wrap your gift with it. There are a variety of ways you can do this craft and you are sure to have fun doing it, too.




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