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November 29, 2022

HappiTaps: First Hybrid Toy/App for Tots

This new toy/app brings together tots and technology in a fun, acceptable way.

HappiTaps are the first-of-its-kind toy/app hybrid. Available in a lovable teddy-bear friend named Beary Happi, a puppy (Puppi Love), kitty (Dreami Kitty), or a lion (Lively Lion), the product brings together toddler touchscreen love with an interactive friendly app. Simply place your HappiTaps cover over your iPhone or iPod touch, download the free app and let your child have fun with stories and songs, chatting, joking and more. Your phone stays protected in your child’s sweet little hands, and your child has lots of fun. Perfect match.
The cute plush covers are $9.99 each at




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