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May 19, 2024

Hanging Pink Heart

Here’s a craft for kids that requires little supplies of which you may already have in your house.

What You’ll Need
Pink playdough
Heart cookie cutter
Rolling pin
Found objects with raised designs on them

What You’ll Do

  1. Take your playdough, which I found that the Dollar Store kind works best for this as it doesn’t become so brittle that it crumbles as it dries, and smash and mush it around a few times.
  2. Roll it out using your rolling pin or a smooth cup.
  3. With your cookie cutter, cut out heart shapes.
  4. These will stick inside the cookie cutter, so gently poke your finger around the inside edges to remove the heart.
  5. Use your straw to poke a hole into the heart so that you may hang it.
  6. Take your heart and gently press it onto your found object that has a cool, raised design on it to create a stamp-like design on your heart. Set it out to dry on a towel for 12 hours, then flip and allow to finish drying out.

Once your heart is dry, you may tie a ribbon through it to hang somewhere or on a necklace (depending on its size).

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