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February 3, 2023

Halloween Coloring Sheets

Print out these cute coloring sheets for Halloween fun with the kids!




A happy Jack-o’-lantern.

Bring the all-time favorite thing about Halloween (next to
candy, of course) to life with oranges, yellows and greens or
with whatever colors your child chooses!










Spiders are popular decorations these days.spider

The air-breathing,eight-legged creatures boast upwards of
43, 678 species! While the
venom of a few species is harmful to
humans, scientists study their
venom for use in medicines and non-harmful
pesticides.Lots of people can’t stand the creepy
crawly things though and will
go to great lengths to rid their
surroundings of spiders and webs!






Did you know dressing up and going from
house to house in search of candy is a tradition that has
been going on for more than 100 years?




Frankenstein5Frankly, My Dears …

You can’t miss him. The creature Frankenstein comes from the novel, Frankenstein
by Mary Shelley, first publishedin 1818. Since then Frank has been seen in
numerous stage, TV and film adaptations, perhaps the most famous being
Universal Studio’s classic 1931 motion picture, Frankenstein starring
the legendary Boris Karloff as the monster.







REMEMBER: Scary stuff’s for BIG kids.

Haunted houses, zombies and frightening images are best
kept for older kids, so until yours are old enough to understand the difference
between real and not real, keep things fun, light and short on fright!


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