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July 15, 2024

Growin’ Up Yummy Fun!

Want to get your kids excited about vegetables? Growums provides just the opportunity.

Packed full of fun, Growums comes with cocoa pellets, seeds and vegetable identifier tags in six different kits: Herb Garden, Pizza Garden, Salad Garden, Stir-fry Garden, Taco Garden and Ratatouille Garden. Not only that, but if you go online to their website ( you can create your own virtual vegetable garden and the vegetable come to life with special, animated characters. Also, the instruction are more fun when they are coming from a talking vegetable!

The process is simple and fun for little hands. Just follow the instructions and let the fun begin. I watched as my 4-year-old started her kit and was able to see how excited she was at just watching the cocoa pellets rise like magic when you added the water to them. These cool little discs of dirt fluff up as they soak up the water. So, you are able to watch them get bigger right in front of your own eyes. Then, you take a few seeds from the packets in your kit and press them into the center of these pellets. Insert identifier tag and set them in a warm place where they can get plenty of sun.

We are planting seeds from the Salad Garden kit which includes a package of seeds for Romaine Lettuce, Carrots, Cucumbers and Roma Tomatoes.

My daughter was running back and forth every few minutes or so checking to see if they were growing. This is a good time to start explaining that growing plants does take some time and patience is key. She is now starting to understand that.

So, she just comes to check on them every day now.

Within just a few days, the lettuce and cucumbers from our kit already sprouted! She was so excited. However, we are still yet to see some of the other vegetables sprout. The kit does provide enough seeds so that if your plant doesn’t sprout, you can replant more – we are going to have to do this for the tomatoes and carrots.

After we planted our seeds and put them in the perfect spot, we went online at to see what our garden had to say. With the Salad Garden, our characters where Roman (romaine lettuce), Carin the carrot, Duke the cue and Tomicio the roman tomato. These cute little characters make it just a bit more fun for the kiddos.


Learn more about getting kids involved in the garden by reading Growing a Family Garden by Susan Swindell Day.

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