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May 23, 2024

Get a Grip With Tater Grip

With little league baseball signups starting soon, it’s time to start getting your little one ready for the game!

Growing up with my brother playing baseball, I always heard him complain about the tape around the bat coming off and that he couldn’t hold on to the bat good enough. He was replacing the tape so often that my parents should have bought stock in the tape. LOL. He wouldn’t have had this problem if the Tater Grip was around back then.

The Tater Grip is a revolutionary product that has drastically improved one’s ability to get a good grip on a bat (or practically any sport that requires something with a handle like hockey, tennis, racquet ball, etc.). It’s made of a rubber compound that they guarantee to last. It’s thick enough to help reduce the vibration of a good hit, too.

When you get the product, it’s sealed up in a bag as it is moist. There is a solvent on it to help you slide it over the bat, which may require some effort. Be sure to follow package instructions. As it dries over the course of 6 – 12 hours, it shrinks and then will stay in place. No more wrapping the bat handle with tape.

The grip sleeve comes in clear (so that you can customize a sticker sheet to be seen through it), black, red, white, blue and pink. You can easily clean them with soap and water, too.

Tater Grip
$14.99 – $19.99

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