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March 22, 2023

Fuzzy Clovers

If you can’t find a real four-leaf clover, make one! These fuzzy clovers are easy, but they do require the help of an adult.

What You’ll Need
Fuzzy little balls
Hot glue
Craft sticks

What You’ll Do
• As your hot glue is heating up, have your child sort the fuzzy colored balls and craft sticks into matching colors.
• Parents, put a one-inch strip of hot glue down the center of a craft stick starting from the top.
• Allow the children to carefully place a fuzzy ball onto the hot glue and press it down. You can do one at a time, two at a time or even all four at once.
• After you’re done making as many as you can. You can stick your fuzzy clovers in the ground in your garden or write a message on them and hand them out to friends as a special good luck wish.

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