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March 30, 2023

Fun With Furry Friends!

Your four-legged friend wants to have some summer fun with you, too! Here’s a fun toy he’s sure to enjoy … day and night!

Nite Dawg – LED Soft Disc
Nite Ize | | $16.59

Play frisbee with your pooch even after nightfall with this battery operated LED light up disc! Made of flexible nylon, this disc is soft enough for him to catch with ease but durable enough to not be punctured by his teeth during the catch. Just don’t let him chew on it. Our dogs LOVE to play catch, especially with a frisbee. The fun usually has to stop once it got dark, but not anymore! Just be sure to clear the yard of chairs and other toy so your doggy doesn’t run right into them. He’ll be keeping an eye on that colorful flying toy with every intention of catching it!



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