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February 5, 2023

Flowers for Mom

Just about everyone gets flowers for Mother’s Day. So, why not make them even more special? Create your own paper flowers to make it more memorable for Mom.

What You Need
Paper in a variety of colors
Large sticky photo squares

What You Do
1.    Grab your paper and cut out many tear-drop shaped pieces of varying sizes.
2.    Take a sticky photo square and expose one sticky side.
3.    Take four tear-drop shaped pieces of paper and stick one to each corner.
4.    Repeat step 3 with another sticky square and four smaller tear-shaped pieces.
5.    Stick the smaller petals onto the top of the one with the bigger petals.
6.    Cut out a circle in another color, stick it to a new sticky square and position it onto the center of the smaller petals.
7.    Place the completed flower onto a stick near the top.
8.    Repeat those steps to make as many flowers as you want to fill a vase.




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