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October 1, 2022

Floaties = False Security

Lots of parents insist that their toddlers wear “floaties” while swimming so they’ll feel safe in the water, but plenty of swimming experts say kids need to get past the floatie stage, since “water wings” keep kids in a vertical (straight up and down) position in the water, the opposite position that’s actually needed for swimming.

While floaties come with a printed warning, “Not to be used as a lifesaving device,” the use of them actually delays a child’s inclination to learn how to swim. Parents and kids can begin relying on floaties to the point that an irregular dependency occurs.

If you find yourself “leaning” on floaties for the sense of security they provide you and your child, it’s really a sign that your child needs more swim lessons.

Enroll him in a class and ditch those plastic wings so he can have real confidence in the water — summer’s the perfect time to do this!

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