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October 17, 2021

Fifth Third Day Babies

Fifth Third has been celebrating May 3 for over 25 years, using the occasion to celebrate employees, customers and communities.  This year, Fifth Third Bank celebrated Fifth Third Day by surprising families of babies born at local hospitals on May 3 with $1,053!  The local Bank worked with seven different health systems and hospitals from Northern Kentucky to Dayton, including St. Elizabeth, Christ, TriHealth, UC Health, Mercy Health, Premier Health and Dearborn County Hospital.


Ideally, the money families received will be used to start the baby’s first savings account or a 529 college savings plan account (a tax-advantaged savings plan sponsored by states, state agencies or educational institutions), because it’s never too early to start planning for a child’s education!


The Bank also gave families care packages that included a spa gift card for a stress-relieving massage, gift cards to local merchants, and a couple surprises for Baby too (like Baby Nora’s “Banker in Training” onesie, pictured here).  The Bank will continue to spread the good deeds throughout the rest of May with canned food drives and volunteer opportunities to raise funds for local food pantries.  Learn more at  

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