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July 13, 2024

Feeding Baby Just Got Easier

Tired of pushing your baby’s food around in the bowl trying to get it onto the spoon? How about when the bowl slides around on the table or tray? Those pesky little bowls can be tossed to the side for now because the Baby Dipper Bowl is here to the rescue!

Created by a mother of two sets of twins – twin girls born 2004 and twin boys born 2008 – Barbara Schantz is a stay-at-home mom and always has her hands full. So, trying to feed her little ones as you can image, could get tough. I can relate to that, too, being a mom of just two children – a 6-month-old and a 4-year-old.

It is hard to tend to the curiosity of the older child as you are trying to feed the younger one. I always found the bowl moving around on me or having to use both hands to feed the baby, which made it difficult if we were somewhere without the proper chair for him to sit in. Holding a baby in your lap and feeding him got so much easier with this handy little bowl Schantz created.

The Baby Dipper Bowl is uniquely shaped to help guide the food in a downward path so that you can easily scoop it up with the spoon or fork that it comes with. The bowl also has rounded edges just enough so that the spoon fits right into the corner and prevents food from locking itself there. It is just enough of a curve that it also does not allow the food to just round the corner as you are trying to scoop it up. So, no more chasing it around the bowl.

The bowl also has a rubber stopper-like bottom to help prevent it from moving as easily as a regular bowl.

The only drawback about this product is that the spoon is a bit too deep for those just beginning on solids. As soon as your little one has mastered feeding from a spoon, it is easier. However, the spoon and fork are also shaped in somewhat of an arc, so this can also help you tilt the spoon at just the right angle to allow the food to slide off as baby closes his mouth around it.

Another good note is that if you think it is easy for you to feed baby, then it will almost certainly make it easier for your toddler to self feed, too.

I definitely recommend this little bowl to any mom with a beginning solid eater.

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