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January 28, 2023

FAN-ciful Turkey

Here’s a paper turkey that we made out of scrap pieces of scrapbooking paper.

What You’ll Need
Different colors and patterns of paper

What You’ll Do

  1. Take three different colors of paper and fold them like an accordion (fan like). Set them aside.
  2. Take two of the three fans and cut them to be the same length.
  3. Leave one fan longer than the other two.
  4. Tape them all together with the longest fan in the middle.
  5. With a darker color of paper, draw a circle and cut it out.
  6. Tape it to the the front of the fans at the bottom.
  7. Cut out two white circles for eyes and glue them on. Pencil in the pupils.
  8. Cut out a wattle for the neck and glue it on.
  9. Cut out a beak and glue it on just over the top of the wattle.


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