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May 19, 2024

ETY Earphones: Easy on the Ears

As caregivers, we have concerns on how damaging some headphones can be to our children’s tiny ear drums. Is it too loud? Can it affect their hearing later on? Safe Kids Safe-Listening Earphones by Etymotic Research created a solution to ease our minds by creating an earphone that seals the ear canal, blocking out external noise, so sounds are heard clearly at lower playback levels. By controlling the earphones themselves, parents don’t have to worry about restricting the volume setting on the electronic device their little tech is listening on. Click here for some expert tips on protecting your little one’s ears.

My 7-year-old boy looks forward to playing games on his tablet (house rules are after homework and mostly on the weekends). I handed him the ETY earphones to plug into his tablet and immediately he loved how comfortably they fit into his little ears (he is extremely picky about anything being in his ears by the way. He even hates it when his socks don’t fit right, but that is another subject in itself).

Next up was seeing how well they worked.

“Mommy, I love these headphones,” he yelled loudly, not realizing how much his voice was projecting.

“Why do you love them?” I asked, trying not to giggle.

“Because I can hear my game better and they made me win!”

So apparently they will help your child achieve goals 🙂

ETY Headphones were made by Etymotic Research, an innovator of hearing wellness solutions. For more information on their headphones and other products, go to

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