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March 25, 2023

Envelope Pencil Holder

Make an envelope (or use a store bought one) to fashion to your binder as a pencil holder so they’re ready when it’s time for homework!

This pencil holder is easy to do and a simple solution to finding a pencil when it’s time to do your homework!

What You Need
Envelope (or cardstock to make your own)
Double sided duct tape

What You Do

  1. Take your cardstock and fold it to form a slim envelope. Something simple, nothing fancy. Or, just get a regular envelope.
  2. Decorate the envelope with your markers.
  3. Apply a strip of double sided duct tape down the middle of the back of the envelope, leaving the opening at the top.
  4. Stick it to the inside of your binder.
  5. Insert a couple of pencils.


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