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April 18, 2024

Enjoy Outdoor Games INSIDE!

Looking for a good way for kids to stay active indoors during the winter time? Nickelodeon and 2K Play have teamed up to develop a game that will get your little one movin’ and a grovin’ – Nickelodeon FIT. Kids can pick one of their favorite characters from shows like Dora the Explorer, Go, Diego, Go!, The Backyardigans and more.

This game works with the Wii Balance Board (sold separately) and Wii remotes. It works best with the balance board, but If you don’t own one don’t worry – the game also works with just the remote.

Help your child set up the game and profile – it will ask for several things including Age, Height and Weight. It will also calculate the right BMI for your child as recommended for his age.

Not only does this game allow kids to jump rope, hula hoop, skateboard and more, it also helps your child build and grow in fitness categories such as upper and lower body strength, core strength, balance, heart healthy and more. It also has three different fitness levels – light, moderate and vigorous.

Be sure you allow enough space around you kids to provide room for moving around without running into things and/or injuring themselves. ALSO, make sure your child is well hydrated, doesn’t get motion sickness and takes regular breaks from the game.

As YOU the parent, make sure you read all the instructions and cautions before allowing your child to play this game … or any video game for that matter.

Although this game is recommended for young children, parents can – and SHOULD – get in on the fun, too. It will help you be a good role model and promote healthy exercise to your child – letting them know that it can be fun and Mom and Dad like to exercise, too. Plus, they can see how silly you can be and learn what to do before they try to do it.

Hot Product:

 Nickelodeon FIT
Rated E for Everyone
SRP: $39.99
Recommended for young children
2K Play

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