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January 28, 2023

E-Hookahs Lure Kids

Parents don’t want their kids to smoke, but E-Hookahs and the like are pretty enough to make kids want to try.

Whatever you want to call’em and however “cute” they are, E-hookahs, hookah pens or vape pipes are just another way to try and “prettify” teen smoking — and teens are falling for it in droves. The devices, virtually identical to e-cigarettes, are all over the place now, and with their rainbow colors and fruity flavors and younger and younger kids may find them appealing in their quests to be “bigger” and “cooler” than they are.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that 10% of high school students across the country had tried e-cigarettes (as opposed to E-hookahs and the like) in 2012, double the number from 2011. However, because many teens do not group other electronic inhalers into the same category as e-cigarettes, the CDC is concerned that they cannot properly corral the data and may be underestimating usage.



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