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January 28, 2023

Dry Erase Charts

Here’s a craft for kids that can help them keep up on their chores, homework and more.

There are loads of chore charts one can find online. We found a cute one here at Just Sweet and Simple: Kids Chore Charts that was perfect for this little craft for kids. She mentions for you to laminate it, but I just made it simpler. And this chart was just too cute!

What You Need
Printed chore chart
Sheet protector
Dry erase marker

What You Do

  1. Print off a chore chart.
  2. Fill out the chores your child does.
  3. Get a sheet protector, or one of those report covers, and slide the chore chart in place.

Now you can write on the cover, without messing up the original. No more reprinting of chore charts!

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