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January 28, 2023

Drink from the Bubi

The Bübi Bottle that is. A fun new way to drink water from a reusable container!

Bübi | 14 oz bottle $16.99; 22 oz bottle $24.99

When it comes to getting kids to drink more water, handing them a bottle of water from the store is just not as … fun. So, give the Bübi a try. This unique bottle is made from a BPA-free silicone material that is squishable, moldable and rollable! PLUS, you can give your kids water from home, which has the fluoride they need for good, healthy teeth. Drinking from the prepackaged water bottles takes that away from them. When it’s empty, they’ll love how they can just roll it up and stash it away in their backpack or even pocket!

The Bübi bottles can be used for more than just hydration. It’s many other uses include hot/cold compress, waterproofing small items, holding dry substances for baking (great for camping trips) and so much more.

Since the Bübi bottle has an organic feel, be sure to have the lid on it at all times when you’re not holding it as it could topple over if bumped. It does stand up on its own, though.

It’s also available in several different colors!


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