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March 30, 2023

Doily Bowl

Here’s a craft for kids that’s super easy and can be used as decoration or given as a gift.

What You’ll Need
Crocheted doily (Michael’s has some for $1)
Embellishments (little flowers, etc.)
Mod Podge glue
Paint brush
Vase or bowl
Plastic wrap
Plastic bowl for the glue

What You’ll Do

  1. Place your doily in the plastic bowl and pour over it a little Mod Podge glue. You don’t want too much, so do a little at a time.
  2. Take your paint brush and press the glue onto the doily soaking it through and through.
  3. Be sure to have every inch of the doily soaked in glue, but not dripping wet, and then take it out of the plastic bowl.
  4. Place it over the bottom of another bowl or the bottom of a vase. Press it to the sides and make sure it’s where you want it. Allow it to dry for several hours. NOTE: You can also cover the bottom of the vase with plastic wrap to make steps 5 – 6 easier, just be sure to not have wrinkles in the plastic wrap or the glue-covered doily will not keep a smooth form.
  5. When the doily is dry to the touch on the top, start pushing your finger up under the doily to gently break it apart from the vase.
  6. Keep pushing your finger up under it all the way around until you are able to pull it away from the vase.
  7. Step 5 – 6 may be a little tough, but don’t worry. You can bend the bowl as you are removing it, and then shape it back into place after you’ve gotten it completely off. Once it’s off, set it aside to allow the inside of the bowl to dry.
  8. Once it’s dry, you can add your embellishments. I also found little crocheted flowers at Michael’s for just a few dollars. Add some glue to the back of them (either more Mod Podge or stick glue). If you use stick glue, put a good glop on it.
  9. Press the flower to the bowl and allow to dry.
  10. Add as many embellishments as you wish. Now it’s ready to set out or give as a gift.


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