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March 26, 2023

Do You Know the Tooth Fairy?

There’s a new storybook set out that is super cute and could help explain to your child who the Tooth Fairy is.

Children all around will fall in love with this cute story, The Tale of the Tooth Fairy. Read the book to your child that reveals a new way of thinking of how the Tooth Fairy came to be. When all the fairies had something important to do, one little fairy had nothing. So, she set off to find the perfect job. She learned what the local children did with their baby teeth and decided she could do something more. The story by Brian Ledig is cute, the illustrations by MK Fleming are fun and the accompanying doll is perfect for little ones. The little Tooth Fairy even comes with a special tiny sack to hold your child’s tooth. No more searching around under pillows, behind beds, etc. The tooth is kept in the same spot each time he loses one. The entire set comes in a very decorative box, too.

The Tale of the Tooth Fairy




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