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July 15, 2024

DIY Grippy Socks

Create slip-free socks for your kiddos with this fun craft.

What You’ll Need
Puff paint
New socks
Glue bottle or something to slide the socks over

What You’ll Do

  1. Take a new sock and a bottle of glue — or something similar — to slide the sock over.
  2. Be sure to slide the bottle all the way down to the end of the sock.
  3. Draw designs or your child’s name on the bottom of the sock with the puff paint.
  4. Set aside to dry with the sock still on the bottle. Don’t remove the bottle until the paint has dried.

Note: These are only slip-free socks if you use puff paint or something similar. Also, if your child walks on his toes or heels, be sure to put paint there, or he’ll still slip.

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