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July 13, 2024

DIY Dry Erase Frame

We’ve seen these all over the internet, so I wanted to show you how to make a kid-friendly sized one.

What You’ll Need
Small metal frame
Lined paper (wide rule for kids)
Dry erase marker

What You’ll Do

  1. Take the cardboard out of the inside of the frame and set it on a piece of lined paper
  2. Trace the cardboard on the paper.
  3. Cut the rectangle out that you just traced.
  4. Put the frame back together with the paper showing as a picture would.
  5. Use your dry erase marker to write messages on the glass part of the frame.

Remember, you are writing on glass, so be sure not to drop your frame! This is a simple way to allow your child to have fun while learning to write. And, if you use this at home or office, your message can stand up and be visible at all times. For kids, try using the wide rule paper or even the elementary paper that they first learn to write on. A smaller frame makes for easy portable fun.


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