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October 2, 2023

Dirt Bike Cake

For the past few years, I’ve used Bundt cake pans as my go-to pan for cakes for nearly any occasion. When I was asked to make a dirt bike cake for a 3-year-old boy’s birthday, I decided to use the Classic Bundt Pan to create this cake.

The base of the dirt bike cake is a chocolate cake, any flavor. Use two mixes but add an additional egg for each cake and a small box of instant chocolate pudding to make it a bit more dense. Bake each cake separately then cool completely, ten minutes in the pan, then on a cooling rack for the rest of the time.

Once the cakes are cooled, put them in the refrigerator uncovered for 45 minutes to chill. You will be carving the cakes and cold cakes are easier to carve than those at room temperature.

Take the cakes from the refrigerator and cut out about 1/10 of the cake to create the opening. For the bottom part, cut the cake in half. Discard the leftover pieces.

dirt bike cake2

Take a small serrated knife and carve hills and valleys into the cakes to represent a dirt track or hilly area. Place the cakes on a cake board to shape the 3. Cover with chocolate frosting, making sure to cover the split between the top and bottom half of the 3.

Next, take chocolate wafer cookies and crush in a plastic bag. Sprinkle on top to represent dirt and rocks. Finally, take crushed graham crackers and sprinkle on top and around your cake board to simulate dirt and sand.

Decorate with banners, flags and toy dirt bikes!


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